When your Twin Flame Decides to Burn Out

by SaNcheNusS




Lauren says:
are you putting a hex on me
Blake says:
Lauren, I would never do that
Blake says:
did you ever look up the "twin flame"
Lauren says:
yes i was just reading that
Blake says:
I believe it
Lauren says:
if your into that
you're into that
Blake says:
I think that you are my twin flame
Lauren says:
Blake says:
because of the initial expierence that we had many years ago
i have always felt that you were familiar
and you KNEW me, without knowing me
you knew then exactly what I liked
our sense of humor is similar
we look similar
we seperated
but we were brought back together
I feel that our relationship is divine
I have never felt that way about my relationship with anyone else
am I freaking you out?
Lauren says:
i dont know about this
Lauren says:
i understand what you are saying
Lauren says:
it's good
you are being overwhelming
Blake says:
I am sorry
I will stop
are you mad or uncomfortable with me?
Lauren says:
and i dont know how someone who is suppose to be half of my soul or whatever be capable of creating the profile that you did of me
Blake says:
you were more advanced than I was at the time
I was very ignorant at that period
I knew you were special
but I was very much not in control of my emotions at the time
Lauren says:
i'm not special
Blake says:
yes you are
Lauren says:
i'm just some girl off the internet
Blake says:
no you aren't
even if you aren't meant for me
you are still special
don't ever question that
Lauren says:
i dont get why you are so attached to me
i'm not sure i haven't even processed this
Blake says:
I just want to be here for you, it is your choice how close you want to be with me
Blake says:
well I just don't want you to think that I am some one that wouldn't leave you alone if you rejected me
I am merely telling you that I am here for you
do you understand?
Lauren says:
i dont see this relationship progressing anything past this
Blake says:
that is fine
I am content with this
I am content
being here for you
whenever you need me
whenever you don't need me is alright too
does this make you feel more comfortable?
Lauren says:
i dont know
it's needs to process
Lauren says:
you are going to regret all this
when you find the girl you are looking for
Blake says:
what does that mean?
Lauren says:
don't waste your time on me
Lauren says:
are you talking to somebody about me right now
Blake says:
what do you mean?
Lauren says:
oh my ear is burning
Lauren says:
well somebody somewhere is talking about me
Blake says:
why do you say that
Lauren says:
because my ear is burning
Blake says:
maybe it wants you to pay attention to what I am telling you
Lauren says:
when did you come up with this
Blake says:
just now
Lauren says:
i mean this whole you thinking i am your twin flame
Blake says:
I would think about you, like you would randomly pop up in my head
I had a girlfriend at the time
fuck, I knew I shouldn't have mentioned this
Lauren says:
you did
so it's over with
Blake says:
Lauren, dont be upset with me
I dont like the way that it makes me feel
Lauren says:
god i'm not upset with you
Blake says:
are we good?
Lauren says:
sure whatever
Lauren says:
but you are wrong
Blake says:
about what
Lauren says:
being twin flames
Blake says:
haha alright
i just want to know that we are in good standing
Lauren says:
why wouldn't we be
just because i found out that you are totally obsessed with me
and worhsip the ground i walk on
Blake says:
you are so vain
Lauren says:
i am totally kidding
Blake says:

i know
i love it
Lauren says:
Blake says:


released February 5, 2013

lvberg on vocals me on phantom questions



all rights reserved


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