ॐChapter I : Blake S Stackhouse

by SaNcheNusS



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Track 1. The Revolver Eye - 3:26
Track 2. Those That Chime The Simon Cowbell 6:36

The Light and Dark R Emerging
Resting in My Spyine
They will give to you
what you need from me

Give me simon cowbells ears
we need a hearing.

Burnt my silver spoon
so I could warm up the gamma ray
I will fly you to the moon for another date

clairvoyant angels
crystals in the sky
(I reign down on me)
punish the guilty
judgement give them lice

Burnt my silver spoon
so I could warm up the gamma ray
Fly you to the moon for another day

Track 3 Golden Purple Robes 9:21

I've opened up a box of Golden Robes
my healthy incense is inside of you
love embraced
your tears
become perfume

Bees fly into my Hive

From the top of this mountain
I start to feel renewed

Come to me Ancient
I Am The ill est antidote
you cannot vaccinate me
I infected your syringe

Track 4 - Alike No Wand 9:41

Track 5 - Always Changing The Shape of Things 12:26

all the shapes and sizes
all the colors all the ages
and the wave that you will speak

Roseola vanishes for another week

Track 6 - Black Mirror 16:56

Do you understandmate me now
aim I clearer

The faces you all paint of me
inside your broken mirror
all of those who surround you
I must become nearer

Sit back relax eyes feel so good that this must be taxed

I am that mirror you hide in your closet at night
my skeletons have all left and formed a mishnaic egg

I feel so good that you must be taxed
this court needs love you cannot run away from me

Track 7 - Upon Completion 19:05

Track 8 - You Will Find a Beta Man 22:48

In my Hair
Tyne strings are changing
explain the locks in which
I am thoughts

Cry me an ocean
plead for deliverance
from the cross and witch
you bought for me?
Form me but
I Form me

Thine Eye is Open
Grant Me with scythe
Plant my spirit
Sigma : ignite

Your mouth is open
I need a light
plaque the cavities inside
blood rains down on me
melded lock and key

cross my heart
I can't die

There will be no beta man
among my
you can stay or you can leave
I have no choice.

cross your heart

Track 9 - Alchemyleon

In a dream
I warned you not to stray
from the diaminds
in my chest
"slay me "

all the apparitions say
as I teach your hearts just how to speak
you run away

(Is) love is waiting by the curtains
of yOur grave
silence is not the voice we choose
serenade us
with your blood

turn your chimes to me
then we shall be free


released December 1, 2013

ॐ Anyone who uses this digital album and its contents uploaded by The Owner Blake Stackhouse, for sale without Direct Owner Blake Stackhouse and Owners Direct Blake Stackhouse Permission
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ॐ All Music, Lyrics and Vocals by Blake Stackhouse
First digital release ever.
Art by Blake Stackhouse




all rights reserved


SaNcheNusS South Carolina

I am evolving constantly. What I was last week, I am a million years different now.

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