ॐChapter III : Pseudocide

by SaNcheNusS

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releases March 20, 2037

Mus.ic Vocals Lyrics Concept By Blake Stackhouse



all rights reserved


SaNcheNusS South Carolina

I am evolving constantly. What I was last week, I am a million years different now.

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Track Name: Clemin
from the moment of your birth
you crawl on all fours
at command just to kneel next to men
all that they teach me I unlearn
No one can reach me I'm too long

and as I open the doors
that will lead us to we
all of the self appointed gods
began bleeding for me

Cleanse My Mind
Cleanse My Body
Cleanse My Soul

So Now I know that The Enemy is Me
But Someone Said To Love All of Your Enemies

and as I tear down these walls
that you built up for me
all of the self proclaimed gods
begin dying before my fe

Divine Intervention Is Here
Divine Intervention is Already Here
Track Name: Phorbas
She says "without you I am nothing at all"
I am tired of hating you, my love

Lets embrace this love
in time of peril
Lets embrace this love
in times of peril
Track Name: Nomius
I am the Father that is coming back to heal all the sons
I am the Mother that is giving birth to the aliens
I see the mana in the sky and they tell this lie
"give me your souls and you can do what you want"

Yeah, I know my enemies are surrounding me
as I try to save them, they keep saying that they want to die
Track Name: Vagina Saliva

I am the moment when the forgotten ones will speak
we found our voice and now we reject the elite
you are a disease
a disease
that will decease

I Am An Enormous Pestimyst For Your Species
I Am An Enormous Pest For Your Species
I Am An Enormous Rest For Your Species

You cannot overcome from what you have done
in your state of decline
you can travel from London To Harvard
From Cambridge to hollywood
but you won't find anyone of my kind

I Am An Enormous Optimist For My Species
But You Are Not My Kind
Because You are Not Very Kind
I Am an Enormous Optimystic For My Species
But You Are Not My Kind
Track Name: Alphyn
everyones marching towards the other side of me
while visions of zionists hanging from trees

No one is going to believe
What I Will Do
And I Am Getting Stronger Everyday

"Come on give me all of your anger"
and I will burn you into love

"Come on give me all of your hate"
and I will seal your outcome with my fate

Close Your Eyes
There You Will Find Me
I Was There, I Am and I Always Will Be
Unconditional love